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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blog of Parody? Go to the Moon

Where to find celebrity spoof blog, product review in parody or free funny pictures to download? Many links scattered on the Internet, and I would also like to recommend you one here.

First, let's talk about why people like to look for parody blogs, and why the rest like to create spoof? The answer is because we don't live on the moon. Neil Amstrong never recommended us to travel there for a laughable journey. Well if this sound silly, I think this is as what humor goes: to get rid of your stress. That's the reason of whys above.

By the way, is there life out there on the moon? Could we live there too? Here will be no swimming pool, so it's natural for us to wonder first about the whereabouts of the spring in the hillside;.it is absolutley not in the night sky that seems to be so close we can almost touch it. It turns out that living on the moon would be no media to tell jokes, either. Lol.

There are no number of spoof stories of celebrities to entertain human life on the moon: There needs to be a sustainable supply of oxygen for people to breathe and laugh and create laughter. We are not talking about outside the Earth's protective atmosphere, solar radiation is too great for humans to survive. No, but if we would like to make the moon a parody, people would also need more than blogs to get entertained. There would need hundreds or thousands of tickle-your-fancy writers to write such spoof.

Scientists not necessarily working to develop ways to overcome problems on why we cannot live on the moon -- they need to support laughter, how that people can cope with stress and how that they themselves not trapped by their boring routine, but instead have much time to laugh.

Is this parody blog sounds terrible? Go to the moon ...