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Sunday, April 12, 2015

How To Parody Anything You Want In Life? Don't Be Comedian!

how to parody somethingHow to parody something? Life itself is a parody if you believe it. Anybody making a huge of money to please themselves and think that they will lead an everlasting life is among in the category of such a joke. Including those thinking of carnal life, promiscuous as the purpose of life.

No life is immortal and no life should be led only in serious rhythm, either. That's how we need to concern that in certain situation we need to have some refreshment. It is not something to make you a comedian.

Sometimes we just cannot understand why some people cannot just smile at something or someone just to please himself and to make other happy. Okay, it's none of our business. That's how life is going on. But being in a state of relieve is so cool, so keep the mood.

Parody should not be used to discredit others. Rather as part of entertainment it should function as an icebreaker. Anything can be spoofed as long as nobody get offended and it will bring about hatred in the future.

So how to parody something you like related to this matter? 

  • Be yourself. Originality and purity is your power to tell jokes in order to entertain other. Even if you copy from someone else you have your own style to present it
  • Have a good mood. Only in this condition someone can get himself out of boredom. This is the gift which is so valuable that anybody should keep it well
  • Don't be too serious. Nothing called funny if you do it over and over again and please don't do it too much which means you are so serious to tell jokes.
  • Just enjoy it and please other. Words can be sensitive matters, be careful with it. Please no tendentious effort or offense. This is how you make you and others enjoy life! 

The most important thing of how to parody something in life is that you don't have to be a comedian. Just become someone with a sense of humor and be happy with it.

Thank you for reading this post. Never ever learn how to parody something you don't like!