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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

6 Tickling Facts About Katy Perry You Didn't Know? What A Parody!

Katy Perry in parody? Let's check it out. As a celebrity Katy Perry feels awkward if anybody ask some weird or tickling questions about her or inquire something totally disjointed. Let's find out:

1. Katy Perry was born in California and California is far away from California Fried Chicken, Jakarta, Indonesia. She never performed a show in any related food court here, even though she ever came here to Indonesia for a concert.

2. Her parents are pastors and pastor as you look up in the dictionary, do not correlate with the word paste or copy and paste. The word doesn't sound tickling to remember.

3. She was singing in church. Katy Perry sings with a typical rhythm which is totally different from yours especially when you are evacuating your family from a huge flood.

4. At the age of 15, Perry began visiting Nashville. No man like Clark Kent was ever reported to live there.No blogger writing about this parody a year afterwards.

5. She moved to Los Angeles and collaborated with producer Glen Ballard, but it was not in September 11, when a scavenger dreamed of attacking World Trade Center in New York.

6. in the Spring of 2008 she released the lead single, the controversial "I Kissed a Girl". No controversial at all when at the same time fathers from Manila, Seoul, Egypt, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manhattan, Perth and Tokyo kissed their newborn baby girl.

Well guys, that's the parody for today, anyway. Katy Perry wont' tickle your funny bones!