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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Why Indian Bloggers Don't Like Money?

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Why Indian Bloggers Don't Like Money? This is weird. They don't like being rich. You know what, because they're busy dancing in a hall all day long. They also sing and yell.

We cannot blame Bollywood. Sure, this industry is the one should be blamed for why Indian bloggers becoming money haters.

One night an Indian came to my dream. He said the reason why Indian bloggers don't like money. Here are the points.

1. Like any other bloggers in the world money is hard to get especially when you are a newcomer in the bloghesphere.

2. Indians like money but money don't like being with them. It's because the money is put in the bank of Swizz. Meaning it's not their money

3. The celebrities there have already taken all the money which they deserve and the bloggers cannot claim it's their money.

4. There is no money in India when its blogger think so. So better get rid of this hallucination.

The conclusion, why Indian bloggers don't like money, because I am talking about their bartering or exchanging the money with the stuff they like. One for example, one has already bought a piece of bread. Would he eat the money instead of the bread. That's not funny.