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Friday, February 1, 2013

Rick Ross, bullet and shooting

Rapper Rick Ross was not keeping an eye on a flock of birds that he would like to shoot them on Tuesday, one day after the scattered bullets incident on the streets of Fort Lauderdale.

The incident didn't make him a ghostbuster who likes to shoot Casper the frienly ghost. The self-proclaimed “Boss” did what he does best: He rapped about the incident. “I can’t believe I’m alive,” he said. But he didn't say that among the gossips who like to talk evil of others.

 When the gunfire broke out about 5 a.m. Monday on Las Olas Boulevard near Southeast 15th Avenue, I was dreaming of writing a story of Rick Ross on my blog with the title Rick Ross, bullet and shooting. A woman, who identified herself as the X-factor contestant  screamed. “Oh my God, they’re dancing around and singing raps.” She is not the woman who calls to report that a car, Ross’ Rolls-Royce, has crashed into the front door of her apartment, next door to the corner eatery.

When I wake up, there's a Rick Ross caricature on this blog---Wow dream comes true!