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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn Dating and Create a Parody?

Tiger Woods falls in love with Lindsey Vonn? Maybe yes, maybe no

That's several months ago. Now, sure they are. No matter how the Internet buzzes with dating rumors, they keep doing their best as athlete. But will she parody him later, as she had done before they got engaged in romance? It's recommended if she put down a related story here herself even without my permission, lol!

What is another fierce gossip about these famous sportspeople? Were you there to follow a report they had been spending time together in Antigua and skiing on the slopes of Austria this month? What a gossip! Tiger Woods falls in love with Lindsey Vonn is their own business, whether it is true or false just stay out. Well, that doesn't sound parody at all as they are in romance now.

Remember when Lindsey was in the midst of the World Cup season in Europe? it's not necessary that you pretended to be her fans just to take her picture as paparazzi. I was not there to cover the news either and put down some spoof here. Let the world laugh, that'll be best if there's something funny to share with, even though none of them making jokes out of life.

The fuss over her personal life is not a competing tasks for people who are straight and prefer a secluded life. Are you included? Well, it's just a parody, no more. What was alleged as Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn dating wouldn't be put to the Guinness Book of World Record as the most ridiculous gossip in the world. Except for spoof, that works.

Just keep in mind Vonn, 28, has been linked to another star athlete right after announcing her split from husband Thomas Vonn in Nov. 2011 and don't make up another story that she plans to play in a movie entitled Supergirl just because she was there flying with Tiger Wood"s jet plane.

That's all for parody today.