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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Randy Quaid a burglar?

Actor Randy Quaid and wife, Evi are accused of burglary, living in their old house without permission, do you think it is ironic?

The old house where they have been living so far witnesses something normal. The owner doesn't.

The invisible inhabitants there one night saw the couple asleep before their TV set in the living room and it was watching them instead. They tried to knock at the door in order to haunt the couple, but it was to no avail. What they could only hear was an unceasing snore.

Last summer, the night of Friday the 13th, around 01:00 a.m. the ghosts pretented to be burglars and jumped on the roof and started to make a noise. Randy thought there might be an assembly of rats getting hungry out there, but Evi said, "those must be mice!" However, no matter what they thought about the noise, they never assumed there would be burglars sneaking in.

That morning Randy got a guess, the owner of the house. They seemed to enjoy the conversation and Randy burst into laughter on and off. However, something turned worse as surprisingly his interlocutor seemed to be offended.

"Come on. It's only for parody," said Randy.

But, as you can see, soon after the land lady got out of there, Randy made the headline of newspapers.