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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Girls, are you still single? Looking for an ideal partner?

This one offers romance. He is creative, ingenious, original, resourceful, innovative, imaginative, inspired, artistic, and inventive. He broods a lot. He is steady, stable, firm, sturdy, secure, balanced and slow. He’ll want you to be ultra feminine.

There is nothing half way about this man. He is something of a saint. He needs to find his security blanket, coverlet, cover, mantle, layer and bedspread. He is in love with love.

The man of your dream! He wants a few simple things out of life, like to be a comedian or a carpenter. He wears a mask. He is proud, sometimes arrogant, conceited, self-important, pompous, self-righteous and overconfident.

You bet! He is commanding, strong, powerful, superior, imposing, and authoritative. But, how come, he is also shy, aloof, nervous and serious? He is a perfect gentleman!

Look here is his photo

Oh, one more thing, his favorite song is too much wish will kill you!