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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Grammy award winner says this blog is irresistable

Bara Sareilles is a very nice woman who broke through to music's mainstream by writing tickling poems that sweetly and convincingly tell comedians where they can go.

Where can you go, comedians? Don't you think the above written posting weird?

The singer's name is supposed to be Sara Bareilles and what she writes should be songs, right?

"It was the last song I wrote before we went into the studio and ..."
"And we told jokes about each other, right?" a man of humor interrupted.

"Let me continue," said Bara. "you know I was at the point where I started sharing the music with my inner circle and started getting feedback."
"Ha-ha-ha. You also started getting used to witty remark, didn't you?"

Do you know something? It should beSara there to say what is supposed to say. How come there's an imaginary person coming to break in while having this interview with Reuters in Los Angeles?

The answer is simple, for parody, nothing impossible. We welcome you all people to also do the same thing as that of the title above suggest. You say, no way? I'll say, it's all for parody.