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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Obama promises business tax breaks?

Is that good news?Not only he lays out his plan for stimulating the national economy and job creation, he also announces new policies for business to write off the purchase of new equipment.

Only yesterday, someone from Bush era asked Obama about the initiative to cut tax for those making 250.000 dollars or less. When the press tried to find out who he was, he quickly flew to Afghanistan to go on the unfinished battle.

There, in Afghanistan, again, when the international press was about to "catch" him, he rushed into a cave. Unfortunately, nobody got a nerve to run after him inside - the man threatened them to blow up a time bomb set around.

Day and night, the newsmen waited and waited and there was no sign of his appearance.

One week has passed by. To the newsmen's disappointment, they got nothing from a long expectation, but only a yell from inside the cave, "it's all for parody only, ask the blogger!"