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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Why Should You Marry A Person Of Different Religion?

Why Should You Marry A Person Of Different Religion? Is this question wrong? This will ruin your happiness walking down the aisle with the one you love of a different religion? Sure, love is blind. You just can't avoid when it happens in your life.You might have a strong relationship with your beloved one now, and both you and the person won't convert. How about that?

It'all up to you. You might end the relationship or you might go on to marry your partner with all the consequences. Persuading a person to convert to your religion, maybe that's not the best thing you would do to save your relationship. But if the difference is not a big deal to you, just make sure that:

1. The person previously had no religious affiliation to a music group which would like to outdo Gangnam Style .... What?!

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