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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Product Review In Parody?

Product Review In Parody? What do you think of a product review written in an amusing way? Do you think something funny cannot grab a desired market as you wish? That is because it is not serious, and therefore readers feel it is just a waste time reading?

Probably, that's what we think naively about parody, allegory, joke or anecdote which has no target to meet but to amuse people only and satirical? When it comes to entertainment anything can be shown to amuse people, but to a product review? It's not a joke. It should not be funny!

Is that true? All depends on the context. If you have something comical in a review but you don't mean it as silly, you can still go on with your writing of a product as part of your affiliate campaign. There's nothing so funny about seeing the result of what you have done later, just keep in mind that: With or without parody, you must start and keep up with your campaign to make money, right. Learn more about the point of is it effective having product review in parody here.