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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bali Is Not Safe For Celebrities!

Bali Is Not Safe For Celebrities! Why? Because they wish they could die in Bali. Not only celebrities, many tourists would like to end their life in Bali. How can it be? Because they would like to have a spiritual sense. even though they can't stand the sun. They can't wait for vacation to come. And if later when they've already arrived at Kuta beach, they would really like to die soon, jumping and lying in the sand bed and have sunbathing as long as they like.

Sure, anybody like to have fun in Bali, enjoy sunbathing at Kuta beach, be amazed by naughty monkeys in Sangeh, thrilled by various everlasting Hinduism ritual and ceremonies, and attracted by a lot of traditional and unique souvenirs. But who likes to die here? Are there anyone among world celebrities?

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