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Monday, December 16, 2013

Funny Words To Help You Write Comedy

Welcome to the parody blog. Looking for inspirations? Try these 28 funny words to help you find some amusing things when you are about to write comedy and don't know where to start. Have yourself tickled here first and then spread your posts to the world.

funny words to help your write comedyThe following examples are a sort of scribble and you can create your own version of funny words and compose your own sentences. Be it a theme, blog entry, eye-catching titles, or comedy writings just get inspired. It's for parody only.

I didn't get the new words from somewhere else. It's all here, started from the first word in the first paragraph which doesn't funny when it stands alone and won't continue to the second one.

But, WARNING, if in the end you think it's silly, that's what a tickle your fancy blog means. Read more at tickle your fancy blog Mr. Nurman learns to make a parody of life.