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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Parody story

Wanna have yourselves tickled by parody stories? There are many on the Internet and here is one:

Once upon a time Robinhood came to India. He would like to see and talk with a poor boy living in a slum area in Mumbay, and also he would like to walk around the the bank of a river thinking about how to give the local a surprise! You know what, Robinhood came back to India a few weeks afterwards with a film crew, actors and a great number of dancers. Stories about men like Robinhood are many there on Bollywood flicks. Surely, when it comes to parody, this is likely what most people would like to watch to entertain themselves.

What do you think? Wanna share yours with others too? Or you just presume you have no talent at all? Well, sort of things you can have on the Internet. Find one, read and share. But if the parody story doesn't sound spoof enough as you might hope, just write yours no matter you have talent or not. Start from writing something silly, ridiculous or amusing, and imagine the article is not the one including data, bullets and statistics. However, if you can make it laughable, why not? The funniest part in it is surely you look stupid because you absolutely know nothing about how to write one and even Robinhood can't stand laughing at you. Lol.

Writers hate running out of ideas. When it comes to expressing anything worth sharing, it's not just putting down on a page. Parody gives you a freer way to write a story of life or anything appealing to you. Take for example, while writing you're stuck in the middle of your serious topic due to lack data or any other related supporting materials. You just can't tear your paper because the Internet won't give any chance of doing so. Lol. No, just thinking about inserting a slight humor in it, so that not only you please your readers but also please yourself.

Parody stories vary. The one about celebrities is awesome, another about politicians is awesome, your mother-in-law fart when you're having a fierce argument with your wife is awesome too. All is awesome, so which is not? Why thinking of the things not to amuse us. Let's turn round and see the pictures. Pictures of Obama dancing, skinny Arnold Swcharzengger, Super Birtney Spears, silly doll of Justin Bieber, just name it. The Internet can tell everything.

You don't have to come to India to tickle everbody's funny bone. You don't have to pretend to be Robinhood and be a parody there. All you should do just click the button of your computer and Google will lead you where to you want to go, hopefully you will visit this blog more and more. Thanks to the Internet.

Okay, if this article doesn't give you much of anything you're looking for just think about something you may need to do to kill time, look around, and think and think and think, and laugh and laugh and laugh and write a parody story even though there's no sentence or phrases appearing.

That's awesome!