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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Parody products, how to market them

Parody is part of life and nothing is more productive than splash it into product. You get either or both: satisfaction and money. In the hand of creative people stuff can be turned into something amusing but artistic.

Internet provides parodies of celebrities as a "unique product" searched by million people, but I don't have to ask myself, how to write a parody of product instead of the one of celebrity. I have no idea, anyway.To me, parody is like a plate, you need something to eat but you cannot eat without plate. In other words, without parody life is dull. And as everything in the world can be parodied, just write it.

Products of parody vary depending on the taste. You might like T-shirt, jacket, cap, bag, pillow, etc with parody phrases, poems, quotes, pictures of anything put on items.

Generally promoting parody products can be done through:

1. Blog or website
Having a personal blog or website is a common way for any artists to express their ideas as well as to promote their product. The can decide themselves whether to use free blog like blogspot.com or wordpress or use your own domain in order to look more professional.

2. Join partnership program like

And more

This is the simple way to generate money with your host for those who dislike updating posts and dealing with time-consuming SEO efforts.

3. Create and upload videos to Youtube. Expecially those who are good at Photoshop or Flash animation, this is the source of fun and creativity

Above all, share your parody product to social networks like facebook, twitter and so on and also email friends.

Some simple tips, no spoof this time. Good luck!