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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tiger Woods's Brother Says Blogger Would not Be 'Disappointed'?

Tiger Woods was swinging a club even before he could walk. It is right that with the guidance of his late father, Earl, the young prodigy later on becomes the star of golf.

But Woods's carefully stated when he was 5 or thereabouts he never saw a ghost tickling your fancy and neither did he predict that a blogger would write a tickling thing about him.

Before his highly publicized fall from grace, the California child prodigy and richest athlete of all time was on his way to Borobudur Indonesia to give solution to acute corruption problem in this country.

In 2010, Woods – who publicly apologized to wife Elin Nordegren and their two children, daughter Sam and son Charlie – returned to Indonesia to meet a blogger to discuss about how to improve his sense of humor.

He said, that, maybe what was written here was ridiculous but it's okay when it comes to parody!