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Monday, September 13, 2010

Tickling blog belongs to tickling blogger? How To Parody Something

How to parody something?

This is a keyword-stuffing post, a stupid thing to do now, but very effective back then in 2009. Well don't have to remove it, just make it a sort of how to parody something.

Does a tickling blog have to belong to a tickling blogger?

A tickling blogger considering his blog a tickling one, says yes, a tickling blog must belong to a tickling blogger.

But there are a great number of tickling blogs out there. Do they have to belong to tickling bloggers? Well they need to learn how to parody something in life.

Once a tickling blogger proposes his tickling blog as the most tickling blog on earth. But he can't tell which makes it the most tickling blog on earth.

Another tickling blogger tries to outdo him claiming his tickling blog as the most tickling blog on earth.

The other tickling bloggers disagree with both of them and keep saying, my tickling blog, my tickling blog and my tickling blog.

So, who's the most tickling blogger with the most tickling blog contents?

There's a tickling way to decide which one deserving the title of the most tickling blogger with his tickling blog. All of these tickling bloggers have to tickle each other and the one who can stand it, that's the winner.

Anyone of you, tickling bloggers, would join? Well, that's how to parody something today!